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Scholarship Advice

We will assist you on how to get the best scholarship for studying in overseas. Studying Abroad is an expensive career choice and involves a lot of money. However to encourage foreign students to take up higher education in overseas every international university and institutes offers scholarship.

Uni Selection

Choosing the best course as per your choice is very important. Once you pick the best course according to your personal interest, goals and location preference, our counsellor will guide you towards your desired course, university and location preferences with various options.

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Education Loan

Education Loan are major steps towards studying abroad. We recommend you apply for all eligible grants and scholarship first. If in any case you’re not eligible for scholarship then we can various options for education loan. We will assist you to secure loan at lower interest rates and better repayment terms.

Foreign Exchange

Our local agents will guide you in changing one currency into another currency.

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Visa Guidance

We have a dedicated visa team who have up-to-date information on visa requirements for studying abroad. We will guide you on various inputs required in terms of documents required and the different proof of fund acceptable.

Flight Tickets

It’s our responsibility to book cheaper tickets for you than booking online. We can help you avail airline discounts, coupons. It will save your precious time.

PSW Visa Guidance

One of the appeals of studying abroad is that the opportunity to experience the work culture via a post-study work visa. Luckily, many English-speaking countries offer such visas for international students. We will guide you how you can apply for it and what are the requirements of it.

Bank Account

Managing finances in local currency is one of the first thing you will need. We will provide assistance and contacts of various banks in overseas closer to your university to help expedite opening your bank account.


Accommodation facilities is the second main variable to the student satisfaction. Accommodation provides safety to all those students who are unaware with new place. We will help you to get a reasonable accommodation which is nearby the university. It is important to stay close with the university it will save your travel cost and time

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