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Why Study in Canada

Canada has become the most ideal place for college education studies, attempted by many international students.

Some of the Canadian Universities have attained global rankings with the new education scheme made by the Canadian Ministry of Education, that focuses on increasing the number of international students. This implies that foreign students coming from any portion of this world are now more than welcome in Canada then it is no wonder it turned into so common in that sense


As per the study, Canada reportedly spends more money on the education than any other nation. Primary, secondary and post study education are free for the right candidates. Canadian colleges and universities are known for the its reputations throughout the world. As per Canada Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Report on Global Education, it is also the most educated country in the world with the highest proportion of college graduates at 51%.


Canada placed second behind Sweden. Countries that scored high in this section were perceived to care about human rights, the environment, gender equality, and religious freedom. They were also seen as progressive, as respecting property rights, being trustworthy, and having well-distributed political power.

Quality Education


One of the biggest reasons students choose to come to Canada is for quality education. A Canadian degree is widely acknowledged as equal to one from the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom, and Canadian universities comparatively do well in international rankings. In fact, in one study in 2016, three Universities of Canada were ranked in the top 50 universities in the world.

There’s a wide range of Canadian institutions to choose from, but whether you attend a university, college, or vocational school, there’s no doubt that a Canadian education is world-class.

Affordable Fees Structure

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The unique advantage Canada enjoys is that while it is western developed country, it offers education at comparatively low cost than its other western counterparts. All though the education costs may differ based on the courses, for most of the general courses, the tuition fees is less than other major countries. Hence, paying the fees is not a burden for students.

Work While You Study


Even though Canada is comparatively an affordable option, but there’s no doubt that studying abroad could be heavy to pockets at times. Luckily, international students in Canada are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during college time and full-time that is 30 hours per week during breaks like summer vacation.
Working while studying can provides you financial support, enable you to be self-dependent and you meet new people, all while building the connections and experience that could make you stand out in your job hunt later on.

Safety & wellbeing


Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, with a very low crime rate. In terms of social progress and development, according to Global News, Canada was ranked the second country in the world with the highest quality of life.
The Institute for Economics & Peace ranked Canada as the 8th most peaceful country in the world in 2016. Unlike most other countries, Canada is pretty confined in terms of location. It’s protected on three sides by oceans, and only shares a border with the United States of America. 

Immigration Options


When a candidate travel abroad to study, they usually get temporary status in the country which expires when your course ends, so the candidate has to return home after completing their education.
Canada has a lot of programs designed to motivate international students to transition to permanent residence after their studies. Options like the Post Study Work Visa let graduates stay and work on an open work permit after graduation and give them an opportunity to get some Canadian work experience. 
Most Canadian provinces have Provincial Nominee streams for applicants with experience studying or working in the province, and Canada’s federal economic immigration streams offer additional points for Canadian work and study experience. In 2015, 51 percent of international students planned to apply for Canadian permanent residence.


Master's of Business Administration (MBA)

Computer Science and IT


Business and Finance

Medicine & Healthcare

  • Is studying in UK costly??
    From some of the highest tuition fees in the world to one of the most expensive countries to live, studying in the UK does costs a wealth. However, with proper guidance, you will get to explore various options that would make your education in British universities an easy mission to accomplish which wouldn’t be the case in most popular study destinations. A well developed and easily accessible student loan system, plus many scholarship schemes will offer you enough financial assistance to study in UK. Moreover, in UK, similar to most of the top international study destinations, foreign students are allowed to work part-time. In the UK as an international student, you’re allowed to work up to 20 hours at maximum per week during term-time and fulltime during holiday breaks. But there are many restrictions and conditions you must stay in line with in order to be allowed to work.
  • What is the eligibility to work while you study in United Kingdom?
    Your eligibility to work in the UK while studying depends on two major restrictions: those set by your university those by state-run official institutions. First, you must ensure that your university doesn’t have any constrain pulling you back from working before dealing with state officials. For example, depending on your study course your university may limit working hours to you, aside from governmental restrictions. In the UK, particularly in big cities like London, international students can easily find a part-time job. Some universities may only allow you to work inside the campus, but there is no need to worry because there are still many options available to you. However, before getting out to hunt part-time jobs you must check if you’re eligible for such work. It all starts with “type” of visa you have been issued, followed by your age. To get more clarity on eligibility and working conductions contact our experts team who would guide you through the entire process.
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